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Last nights efforts

Hoping to do lot more of these paintings, I’m still experimenting with style and colour so they will be quite varied for some time I imagine. 

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New paintings and fresh starts

Some new paintings from the abstract book series of designs. Also started a really fun dragon project this week, looking g forward to working on that.

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Staying alive

Got together this week with my good friends Brian Paul and Justin Weatherholtz, worked on some collaborative pieces. I have not done this sort of thing very often, but had a great time doing it.

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Fresh update

Here are a few recent tattoos and other fun stuff.

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Design books

I have been focusing my efforts lately on a series of small sketchbooks of abstract designs. For some reason I have become compelled, or possibly slightly obsessed, to keep drawings these weird little designs.

As of right now, I haven’t fully fleshed out my reasons or motivations about this project yet, just that I am fascinated by free will with the constrains of a system. More on this later.

Here are short videos of the first three books:

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Hello world!

Welcome to the newest version of my website! Unfortunately I have lost the last 3 years of blog posts, but I hope to keep this one a lot ore updated now.

I am also happy to announce that I have been uploading Videos to my YouTube page, its a new medium for me and I am excited to create more of them. Look out for timelapse videos and other experimental videos!

Also, I have recently joined Twitter, which will be more of a personal space but I will also be posting art and other inspirational content.