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Destination: New York!

So I have finally made it here to the Big Apple… it’s been a crazy few months of non-stop travel, overseas and around the country. I packed my RV with all my essentials sold/gave away the rest (even got TWO scooters inside the RV), and hit the road bound for New York, via Kansas City. Through mountains and snow and ice, the great plains and long hours behind the wheel, I finally arrived in Brooklyn NY. Home!

Here are some pics of the last few weeks, including some farewell lunches/dinners/rollerskate parties, and last minute tattoos. Also I managed to squeak in a very short trip to New Orleans 🙂

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New York!


Once again, I am packing my bags and moving across the country, this time I am moving to New York City, where I will be working for Mike Rubendall at the mighty Kings Avenue Tattoo in Long Island, starting in early April!

Seattle has been a wonderful experience for me, I have met some amazing people there and made some serious friends for life, I will be sad to leave. I would like to say thanks to all my close friends that have helped me out over the last year or so, without whom I would have been lost.


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Summer Tattoo Tour

I will be hitting the road this summer, covering a lot of ground. Here are the dates and places that I will be visiting:


If you would like to get tattooed at any of those spots, please click hear to contact me.